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Grab yourself a limited edition Fur The Love Of It set of 3 badges and help bring our birdies back home!

We all know these beasties cause massive destruction to our natural environment; they destroy the tender new shoots of our endangered flora and eat the eggs of our unique fauna. But did you know there are an estimated 35 million possums in NZ?

Our precious little birdies are doing serious battle just to survive but with your support we can assist them to make a comeback by reducing their predators. So far we have raised over $30k to help our feathered friends with our projects – and we’re only a little outfit with a loyal crew – that’s YOU!

So please do your bit to help eradicate these pesky possums and help save our vulnerable species.

Grab you and your friends a set of collectable NZ badges for $25.

All proceeds will go towards possum eradication on the Banks Peninsula. Big thanks from the birdies!

Go on…do it fur the love of it!

P.S. Thanks for supporting our recent Great Possum Vest Auction – all money raised will go towards pest-eradication on the Banks Peninsula so our unique native birds cannot just survive, but thrive.