About Let’s Talk Birds

My name is Janine and I set up the Let’s Talk Birds website in 1998.

I’ve had a passion for birds since the 1980s when I discovered an escaped pet bird on the roadside. As it was a small yellow bird I assumed it was a canary, but no, it was a lutino budgerigar! Since then I have owned budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, doves, pigeons, barraband parrots, and more recently a beautiful Galah.

Bazzy and Jerry
My enthusiasm for birds has passed on to my young daughter Eloise and we currently live in New Zealand with our two beautiful barrabands Bazzy and Jerry. From a young age Eloise started drawing cartoon pictures of them which now make up the Bazzy and Jerry Comics. You can check out Eloise’s Bazzy and Jerry Blog where you can follow the antics of these two mischievous parrots.

New Zealand birds
Our garden is frequently visited by some special NZ native birds: tui, wood pigeon or kereru, kingfisher and other wild birds like waxeye, spotted neck dove, barbary dove, finch, blackbird, sparrow, starling, thrush, eastern rosella – absolute bliss!

Bird photos
I’m also a keen photographer and have built up a database of over 5000 bird photos so if you want to view some cute bird pics follow Let’s Talk Birds on Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest.

Happy and healthy pet birds
Enjoy your visit to Let’s Talk Birds – let’s work together to help give all pet birds a happy and healthy life.