Bird Boarding & Bird Sitting Central Auckland NZ

Location: Remuera, Auckland City, Auckland, New Zealand.
Our ‘bird house’ is now located in Remuera, Central Auckland, having recently moved from the North Shore.
About: Bird boarding – minding and caring for your pet birds while you’re away. 30+ years bird ownership.
Services: For your feathered friend we offer bird minding services; caring for your pet birds in a safe, happy environmen­t in an occupied home.
Availability: 7 days a week, all year round.

Offering bird boarding services since 2016, our friendly Auckland home provides boarding for your small to medium pet birds while you’re away.

I have 35+ years experience with birds including african greys, alexandrines, barrabands, budgies, canaries, cockatiels, corellas, conures, doves, eclectus parrots, galahs, indian ringnecks, lorikeets, lovebirds,  pigeons, quakers, senegals. I’ve also helped with bird rescue and still have some rescue birds living with us.

A secure, safe, happy environment in an occupied home, we provide daily:
– Fresh food and water
– Cage cleaning
– Bathing facilities or spray bath
– Out of cage time**
– Individual playtime

**I work from home so your bird can be out of the cage most of the day if you’re happy with this.

For peace of mind we are happy to send text or email updates and photos to you.

Prices start from $20 per day with fresh fruit and vegetables, and treats included. Owners are asked to bring their bird’s base food – seed, pellets, wet/dry mixes.

Per day costs:
$20 – budgie, canary, dove, pigeon
$30 – barraband, cockatiel, lovebird
$40 – alexandrine, conure, galah, indian ringneck, lorikeet, monk parakeet/quaker, senegal
$50 – african grey, eclectus

You are welcome to visit our ‘bird house’ before booking.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any information or queries at all. I know how hard it is to go away on holiday and leave a pet bird behind.

Email Janine:

Or please text or phone:  021 128 9403

I respond to queries within 24 hours, so if you don’t hear from me please check your spam or junk mail folder.


“We have used Janine’s services many times. We travel often for business. Having somewhere to leave our treasured Corella knowing that he is well cared for is such a comfort. Janine’s care goes beyond just looking after our pet. He is not a bird that bonds to other people easily, however with Janine it is like a second home for him. They sit together and watch TV. Talk about spoiled 🙂 Thanks Janine.” (Owner of little corella Scruffy)

“Janine was absolutely brilliant. She was the perfect combination of sensitive, empathetic and pragmatic. She listened to our concerns, made changes to suit our bird and was very reassuring with her professionalism and communication. We will certainly be booking with her in the future. Thanks again Janine!” (Owner of alexandrine Ferris)

“Many thanks Janine for looking after our ecclectus Percy. He is all the better for it as having such a stimulating play area to fly around in and contact with some other feathery friends must have been a good experience, not to mention the break for us & knowing he was in safe hands. We look forward to next time.” (Owner of eclectus Percy)

“I cannot thank you enough for looking after koula so we’ll. Though i missed him heaps but I knew he was good hands. Koula loved his 3 weeks stay with Janine and he looked healthier and we’ll nourished when I picked him up after our holidays. Words cannot describe how awesome you are and your love for birds. Once again thank you so much Janine. Koula is surely coming back to you for our next holiday.” (Owner of cockatiel Koula)

“We cannot give Janine enough praise for the care she took in looking after our Cockatiel Coco! We recently went away on holiday and was quite nervous about leaving Coco behind. Believe it or not, we usually take her along! Janine sent regular updates and took care of her as if she was her own. She also provided much appreciated advice. Thank you so very much Janine. Highly recommend seeking out her services if you’re looking for a reliable sitter for your feathered family member.” (Owner of cockatiel Coco)

“Trixie loved her stay. She even learn’t to eat veggies there which was great. She now eats carrots and silverbeet at home. Thanks so much for looking after her so well and sending me photo updates while I was away.” (Owner of cockatiel Trixie)

“Janine took great care of our little boy, Scruffy, for a period in July/Aug. He is quite an old parrot who has hardly left the family home his whole life so I was anxious. But Janine was very understanding and even went as far as sending daily updates on how he is going. I loved receiving these detailed emails, and the odd photo too. It put any worries at ease and we were 100% sure he was in great hands. I would be grateful for Janine to look after him again in future if needed. Thank you.”  (Owner of little corella Scruffy)

“Thank you Janine for taking such good care of Nippy. He has had a wonderful holiday and been so well looked after, you will definitely be seeing him again when I next go away. I highly recommend Janine.” (Owner of rainbow lorikeet Nippy)

“Janine is a lovely and caring lady who truly loves birds and treats them very well. After spending 2 weeks with her, my baby came back home very happy and chatty. Of course, her house is going to be his summer holidays from now on 🙂 I highly recommend her.” (Owner of cockatiel Kako)

“Janine is the most loving person and obviously incredibly experienced with birds. Our little Burt spent a week with Janine and her lovely daughter Eloise. When we got back Burt was so happy she was reluctant to leave! This is where Burt will be staying from now on if Janine has space, I was so relaxed to leave her there and it was easy to deal with Janine and most affordable for a worry free holiday for our beloved little Cockatiel. Thanks so much Janine, you’re AWESOME!” (Owner of cockatiel Burt)

“I would highly recommend Janine for minding your bird while you are away. I felt totally at ease leaving my two budgies in her care for 3 weeks. She is very knowledgable and gave me some great advice and tips for caring for my budgies. Janine is very friendly and easy to deal with and flexible with drop off/pick up times. I will definitely use her service again next time I go on holiday.” (Owner of budgies Bubbles and Squeak)