Grab yourself a limited edition Fur The Love Of It set of 3 badges and help bring our birdies back home!

We all know these beasties cause massive destruction to our natural environment; they destroy the tender new shoots of our endangered flora and eat the eggs of our unique fauna. But did you know there are an estimated 35 million possums in NZ? Our precious little birdies are doing serious battle just to survive but […]

Que pasa, Nigel? Grey parrot with impeccable British accent returned to Californian owner after four years… but now he speaks SPANISH

African grey parrot Nigel lived in California with British owner Darren Chick But went missing in 2010 – not to be found for four more years By the time Nigel was returned his accent – and language – transformed May have learned Spanish from Panamanian dog-groomer who found him A British-sounding parrot called Nigel went […]

Pigeon Article: Security check for 10,000 pigeons in China

Some pigeons received a special examination for security purposes ahead of China’s National Day on Wednesday.Prior to the traditional annual release of the birds, each pigeon received an “anal security check for suspicious objects,” the Chinese state-owned newspaper People’s Daily reported.The government-backed Beijing Times also reported the birds were collected from four local carrier pigeon […]

Sticky Beak is New Zealand’s Tooled-Up Kea

Fiordland kea have been caught red-handed using sticks to set off stoat traps. This footage from a motion-activated camera, edited-down from two hours worth of footage, shows a male kea “whittling” sticks to try to set off a trap: (Source: Matt Goodman) Sticky Beak is New Zealand’s Tooled-Up Kea Crafty kea have once again […]

Extra species change birds’ pecking order

Extra species change birds’ pecking order There are 462 more species of bird in the world than previously thought after the most comprehensive avian analysis ever undertaken identified 46 new species of parrot, 26 extra owls and a host of others. The study of the world’s 4,087 known species of “non-songbirds” discovered that there are […]

Storms Bring Rare Avian Visitors

Conservationists are puzzled at a freaky phenomenon blamed on this winter’s monster storms. A bird rescue centre is caring for six giant petrels after concerned members of the public found the birds in distress. New Zealand Bird Rescue’s Lyn MacDonald said in 27 years working at the shelter, she’d never had more than one giant […]

Death of a Companion Pet Bird.

Let’s Talk Birds originally wrote the following article about Cockatiels, but generally this advice can apply to most pet birds and parrots (source: LTB Cockatiel e-book) Sad Times The death of one of a pair of cockatiels is good reason for concern on your part. Your remaining cockatiel will mourn the loss of its companion […]

What treatment for pet birds infested by worms?

Each worm type requires different treatment, with diagnosis normally given by an avian veterinarian. Tapeworm are difficult to detect, even by a vet.  Treatment is generally by eradication of the insects carrying the eggs, so use of an insecticide in and around the aviary. Roundworm are the most commonly found parasite in budgies and cockatiels […]